Glass Fusing

We are now doing glass fusing at the studio! It took some practice, lots of research and online videos to get a basic understanding of glass. Not all glass is alike. Glass has different rates of slumping and fusing at different temperatures. This is called the Coefficient of Expansion (COE). It turns out you cannot mix glass that has different COE ratings. The glass will break or explode during the heating process. Bummer! Also, there's a whole firing schedule that has to be set up in the digital kiln in order to get the results we are looking for.

We use glass, beads, stringers and frit rated at COE 96 at Flydragon. Stained glass that you buy at the craft store is not necessarily COE 96, so it's always a hit and miss if you use it. But, we have fun designing pieces to fuse!

Here are some samples of what we have done so far. Keep an eye on our calendar for glass fusing sessions!