Mandala Classes!

At the request of one of our customers, we are now offering Mandala classes. Mandalas are beautiful works of art. They are sometimes used in different cultures and religions for spiritual awakening and growth. The word "mandala" refers to a circle. Typically, a mandala is started at the center of the page with a dot or circle. The artist then thinks of a shape, line or curve and adds it to the dot or circle. That form is repeated around the circle a number of times. The next form that pops into the artist's mind is added, and repeated around the circle.

During our mandala sessions we will sit together, listen to soothing music, and create our art on high quality paper. We will use either markers, pens, or both. This free form class will allow you to tap into your inner most creative side.

When your mandala is complete you have the option of having us create a set of greeting cards for you using your design. You can take your art work with you, and pick up the cards and envelopes at a later date.