New Things!

We have new things in the studio. First off, we have a new (used, but new to us) throwing wheel. It's a great old kick wheel. Thank you to JoElla Hendrickson Vacher of Encampment for selling it to us and also for donating boxes of glazes. What a great addition to our pottery studio!

Aaron has been a pot throwing fiend the last few weeks. I've been decorating them as fast as he can throw them. I'll include some pictures soon. This is our new "thing" as a couple...he throws, we add a layer of a different color of clay slip to the outside, then I carve on the leather hard clay. We fire it and then clear glaze for the final firing. The bowls are turning out so cool. Really neat pots that I think everyone will love. Like I said, it's become our "thing".

Something else new is that we bought a glaze mixing table (for all those glazes donated by JoElla). We also bought a new big table and some stacking chairs. We had to be able to accommodate bigger parties. That's great news - we are starting to grow!

Be sure to visit the studio any time! We welcome drop ins and curious passersby. We are open Wednesday through Saturday from noon until the last painter/potter leaves. Happy creating everyone!