Paper Workshop!

We are so excited to offer a 3 day workshop on paper. This will be 3 Saturdays in February. The 14th,21st & 28th.

The first workshop is on marbling paper. We will use high quality un-sized paper, and experiment with three different marbling mediums: Oil Paint on Water, Inks on Water with Carrageenan solution, and Japanese Marbling Inks.

At the second workshop we are making our own paper. We will prepare the pulp with cotton linter to make the final paper soft and pliable. We have a large stash of dried flower petals, leaves, & seeds that can be added to the pulp slurry. Dipping our deckles and molds and pulling up a beautiful sheet of paper is such a satisfying process! We can't wait to share this with you. The paper will need to dry several days before you take it home. Or, use it in our final workshop.

In the last of this three part series, we will be making books for journals. Add the marbled paper you made in the first session along with your beautiful hand made paper from session two.

No worries if you can't attend all three session. Each session can be taken individually. We will have plenty of paper to add to your journal if you do not attend session 1 and/or 2.

Sign up soon as there is limited space. Each session is just $30. Sign up for all three for a package price of $75.