Summer Art Camp!

The summer art camp schedule is out.

What a wonderful way to give your kids something creative to do during the long afternoons of summer. Each 2 1/2 hour session is filled with art activities and fun.

On the first day of camp, participants get to know each other right away with an ice breaker name game. Then, they all sit around the big tables in the studio and are given folders which they can decorate. The folders get filled each day with special handouts pertaining to the day's activities. The kids then get to talk about camp "guidelines". This is an outline of basic safety info, respectfulness of each other and others artwork, and encouragement. Once everyone is settled and comfortable, they get a tour of the pottery corner. They learn all about the ceramics process. At this point, it is time to roll out some slabs of clay using the big slab roller and get busy making a personal tile. The tile will be colored with under glazes on Wednesday and fired on Thursday so it can be taken home with all their artwork on Friday.

On Tuesday, the kids will make a mold out of oil based clay. The mold will be a specific project. Once the mold is made, each child will learn how to mix plaster, wearing safety masks. The plaster will be poured into their hand made mold and left to set up. The plaster projects will dry over a few days and be painted on Friday.

Wednesday is the day to put under glazes on the ceramic tiles. Once that is complete the kids will re-purpose composition books and create their very own art journals! They will be encouraged to do some type of art on their own in their journal every day. Art journaling is therapeutic and a great quiet activity they can do at home.

On Thursday, the kids will learn about a famous artist and the artist's work and/or a style of art. They will then create their own acrylic painting with step-by-step guided instruction. The kids will also talk about the art work they have created all week and will hopefully have a chance to name their pieces. The names will be printed on tags for the art show on Friday.

Friday is the last day of camp - aw bummer! But, it will be a fun day anyways! The kids will paint their plaster sculptures. They will also do a collage piece using all types of mediums. During the last half hour of camp, they will hustle about getting ready for their art show. They want to display all their art work for friends and family to see. The last 15 minutes of camp they will welcome their guests into the studio and talk about all they learned and did.

Art camp is so much fun! We can't wait to share the week with your kiddos!