Business Cards, Logos, Website...everything business

I got my business cards yesterday. They are so cool. Rob suggested I have different colors on the backs of them. So, for this order I got turquoise and orange. They came out really good. Alexa and Rob helped me create the logo. I think the logo is really a great brand. Over time people will come to recognize it. It's simple and clean. All along I wanted to make sure the website, the studio, the cards, the logo - all of it - is simple and clean.

When I decided to start this business I had all the ideas in my head and I instinctively knew most everything that needed to be done. But, to actually do it is no small feat. It is amazing everything that has to happen, and in a certain order, just to get the doors open. Thank goodness for John Privette with the Wyoming Small Business Development Council. His guidance has been priceless. I have my business plan, my financial workbook, and my checklists. The building is found, the lease is signed, I have insurance, the logo, advertisement, phone and internet, tables, chairs, inventory. Even the floor is painted - thank you Aaron and Benjamin! I guess my point is there has been so much to do the last couple of months, and everything has fallen into place as if it is meant to be. And, of course, my awesome husband Aaron has kept me on my toes and in step. "Have you done this?" "Have you done that?" "Don't forget to...." Without Aaron, none of this would be happening.

I still have a ways to go, and less than 2 weeks to do it in. I'm so ever grateful to God, and for all those who have supported this "idea" of mine. You know who you are...and I love you all.

One more thing, I have to say Jonathan has been wonderful in helping me develop the website. We are going to customize the reservation system, but for now I have what I need to get up and running. And my daughter Alexa, as always, is my biggest inspiration. I aspire to be like her. Strong, intelligent, kind, steady...and creative.