Facebook Launch

I announced the website and sent the Flydragon Design Art Studio facebook page out to all my friends. Have gotten a great response so far. Very excited for people to sign up for sessions.

I contacted the 17th Street Art Festival and Arts Cheyenne. I want to be involved in the Cheyenne art community as much as possible. I'll drop by the Artist Guild next week and talk to them. I'm a member there.

Going to work on finishing the flyer today. Need to get that printed next week. I also need to design the punch card and gift certificate. That's next on my list for promo stuff.

So, the kids asked what I want for Mother's Day. :) They are going to help me get the studio set up tomorrow. I know, it's work, but it has to get done. The more help the better! I will be moving my home office to the studio Tuesday. So, I'll be working there every day after that. I also hope to get in some desperately needed painting time! It's all I think about. That's when I'm in my zone. Happy painting!