I Have Competition??

I have had a few people lately let me know there is competition in town. I know there are a few art studios in town doing similar creative activities as us! It's all good. Competition is healthy. Competition keeps me on my toes. Competition keeps me from becoming too comfortable. I would love it if I was the only gig in town, but Cheyenne's not that small.

When I first decided to open the studio, I worked with the Wyoming Small Business Development Council (SBDC) and they did a Market Analysis for me. I will never forget the day I received an email showing the results. Those results showed there was another studio in town doing what I wanted to do. To be honest, my hopes were dashed. First, I had no idea there was someone else. Second, I felt my dream was over. How could Cheyenne support another studio? But, the SBDC pointed out that Fort Collins and Loveland combined have 7 (count 'em) studios for a combined population of not quite 200,000 people. Even with my very obvious disappointment, my dream came back to life.

Now that I'm in business and in full swing I realize how important it is for me to have this "competition". I'm not scared of it - I'm thriving on it! I keep a very distant eye on my competition (all of them). I don't dwell on them, their Facebook sites, their websites - or whatever else they may have. But, I do keep an eye out just for my awareness. Who is my biggest competitor? Me! I'm constantly looking for fresh ideas, motivation, seminars, and striving to out do my best!

So...a great big thank you goes out to all my competitors (including me). Without you, I would not be enjoying the success I've had so far. Thankfully, this town is big enough for all of us.

"Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition - in having put forth the best within you." - Henry J. Kaiser