The Journey

I am in the middle of starting a new business. It is awesome and overwhelming at the same time. There is so much to do and remember. I constantly have new thoughts jumping into my brain. "Oh - I should do this!" or "Wait! I should do that...". It's a mess in my head right now. But, this journey continues to be exhilarating.

An art studio. I only ever dreamed of doing this. When I first started as a self-employed person, I was contracting as a computer programmer. When I had to figure out a business name I decided I wanted it to have "dragonfly" in it...and "design" - with the idea I would use my technical skill and creative tendencies to start a web design business some day. It turns out "Dragonfly" is quite popular as far as business names go. It was suggested that I flip it around and call it "Flydragon". That's when "Flydragon Design and Technologies" was born. I contracted under that name for 5 years. Now that I'm opening a public art studio, it only seems natural to drop the "technical" and be "Flydragon Design Art Studio".

Well...since we moved back to Cheyenne almost 6 years ago, I have envisioned a studio and a place to have developmentally challenged people, and kids, come to play with paint, and clay, and paper, and anything else we can get our creative little hands on. So, this art studio idea has been floating about for quite some time now. One day, while working in the hot South Carolina sun (just kidding....I was inside), a person I know offhandedly said, "You're an artist. You really should go to people's homes and teach art sessions. I just went to a "paint and drink wine" party and that woman is making a killing!" .

That was a true "light bulb" moment for me if there ever was one. That little light bulb keeps shining ever brighter and sometimes literally blinking on and off and driving me crazy. So, here I am. Things just keep falling into place one by one to the point where I actually quit my job. My very, very good "once in a lifetime" job. Well...I keep hearing my mother's voice saying, "Chris, what are you afraid of? Just do it." I know with all my heart, my mama is guiding me and supporting me from heaven. She told me before she died that she would send me dragonflies. That she has. Thanks Mom.