Pottery Studio Shopping Trip

It was a very productive day! Aaron and I took a trip to Continental Clay in Denver. We purchased the pottery studio equipment we were lacking. We will get the studio set up this weekend and then I'll post a bunch of pictures. Sue at Continental Clay was so knowledgeable and really helpful. She immediately got to work on making sure we got set up. Sue owns Smoke Stack Pottery in Ft. Collins and offers pottery classes. I am definitely going to pay her a visit during one of my trips to Ft. Collins! I think I might have to catch her at "Happy Hour Throw Down".

Our pottery studio is going to be a full setup - although a small one. We have a slab roller for rolling out those fabulously flat slabs for tiles, boxes, teapots - well almost anything you can think of. We have an extruder for making uniform coils for hand building pots. We have a throwing wheel for those who love to make those perfect bowls. And, last but not least, we have a wonderful kiln that we bought from Central High School a few years back thanks to Maureen West. We will be selling clay, glazes and firing time. I have to put a package of prices together and post it very soon.

Well, tomorrow is a new day. Another shopping trip day (after we inspect our new bee hives at home.) Have to finish buying all the odds and ends for the studio. And, of course I need to get in there to paint. That's really all I want to do. It brings me a lot of joy and comfort. If you come in to the studio and catch me off guard, you may find me dancing to the music, singing with all my heart, paint brush in hand and...releasing my inner chaos!