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  • New Reservation System

    I'm so excited to announce we have a new reservation system beginning with classes in April 2017! Once you find the sessions you want to sign up for, click the reservation link at the bottom of the description page.

    First, you will confirm the type of session, the number of seats and the date and time of your session. Click "Continue" to enter your info. If you have a coupon code, you can enter it here, as well. Click "Pay Now" to enter your credit card info. Since we are using a secured website, your card information is safe! Make sure to review our cancellation policy.

  • Glass Fusing

    We are now doing glass fusing at the studio! It took some practice, lots of research and online videos to get a basic understanding of glass. Not all glass is alike. Glass has different rates of slumping and fusing at different temperatures. This is called the Coefficient of Expansion (COE). It turns out you cannot mix glass that has different COE ratings. The glass will break or explode during the heating process. Bummer! Also, there's a whole firing schedule that has to be set up in the digital kiln in order to get the results we are looking for.

  • Mandala Classes!

    At the request of one of our customers, we are now offering Mandala classes. Mandalas are beautiful works of art. They are sometimes used in different cultures and religions for spiritual awakening and growth. The word "mandala" refers to a circle. Typically, a mandala is started at the center of the page with a dot or circle. The artist then thinks of a shape, line or curve and adds it to the dot or circle.

  • Summer Art Camp!

    The summer art camp schedule is out.

    What a wonderful way to give your kids something creative to do during the long afternoons of summer. Each 2 1/2 hour session is filled with art activities and fun.

  • Life Casting Coming Soon!

    Life casting is creating a mold of something, like part of a body, and then casting a plaster replica from the mold. We will soon be providing life casting services by appointment. We are in the process of creating sample pieces to give you an idea of what can be done. Here are some photos showing you what we are doing. I'm including a piece we created for a breast cancer fundraiser. Th piece is titled "Treasure Your Breasts".

  • Studio Dog

    Many of you have met her - our loving, kind (except to the mail lady), beautiful, thoughtful Studio Mascot - Grace. We got her at the Mutt Fair early this summer. She is 5 years old and newly spayed. She has had a few litters of pups for sure. She was left at the night drop at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Once you meet her it is hard to understand why someone would drop her off.

  • Summer Art Camp Schedule is Out

    Summer Art Camp for Kids is coming this summer! Each camp is 5 days long, Monday - Friday, 1-3:30. The cost is only $95! The children will learn something new about art each day. Each day will be exciting and different! They will be getting a little messy from time to time - and we all know how fun that is!

  • S&J Signs Thunder Girls' Softball Fundraiser!

    Support Girls Softball! All are welcome to join this painting event in support of the S&J Signs Thunder softball team. Sign up here:


  • Small Business of the Year Nominee

    Oh my gosh! What an honor and a surprise to be nominated for the Small Business of the Year award! We are super excited just be nominated. The awards dinner is Friday, March 20 at Little America. We are an event sponsor as well. We will be closing shop that day - wish us luck! Here is a link for more info: http://cheyennechamber.chambermaster.com/events/details/mission-possible....

  • Paper Workshop!

    We are so excited to offer a 3 day workshop on paper. This will be 3 Saturdays in February. The 14th,21st & 28th.


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